Marine Iguanas - The Most Fascinating Lizards Of All Time?

Galapagos Marine Iguanas are one of the more curious and fascinating creatures found at the galapagos islands. It is the only lizard in the world to have learnt how to swim and dive. Marine iguanas are found in contrasting colors and sizes on different islands. Marine iguanas are among the world's most unusual creatures. Specially adapted to one of the most harsh and unforgiving environments on earth, they live on lava rock beaches in the galapagos islands, covering almost every surface that the sun touches as they bask in the heat. The iguanas are cold blooded and they rely on the heat of the sun to warm their bodies so they can move swiftly, as well as to allow them to digest food. The size of marine iguanas varies from island to island within the Galapagos group. Are marine iguanas friendly? Marine iguanas are known to be mutualistic and friendly in the sense that they live close together in the wild. In the galapagos islands, both the marine iguana and sea lions have lived peacefully. Ecotourism brings in money to help protect wildlife in the galápagos, but it takes its toll on the natural habitat and creatures that inhabit it. Marine iguanas are not aggressive toward people and do not defend themselves when handled, so they are at increased risk of disease transmission and stress-related injuries

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