Blogger Random Post Widget With Images

Attractive Random Post Widget For Blogger

blogger random post widget with images

We were using another developers Blogger Random Post Widget within our blogger site, however after a little while, it decided to redirect our site out into theirs. Now, as you all know this type of practice is quite common with Blogger widgets that utilize java script calls that are external to your own website.

So, we decided to develop our own, but not only develop, but enhance the widget to help your blogger website to become a little more attractive to its users. A picture can always catch the eye, and placing a thumbnail image next to your random posts can seriously enhance its effectiveness in getting users to click through to read what is on the other side.

Now, we could have made this Blogger Random Post Widget free to all users of Blogger who visit our site, however, on this occasion we have decided that this particular random post widget has an indefinite, short & long term benefit for any Bloggist who decides to invest a miniscule amount to enhance their websites.

Benefits Of This Blogger Random Post Widget With Images

random-post widgets blogger with images
  • Totally Random Posts
  • NO External Java Script
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fully Adjustable Number Of Random Posts To Display
  • Auto Detects Description Snippet
  • Auto Edits Description Snippet
  • Auto Detects Image For Your Random Post
  • NO External Links
  • Use On As Many Blogger Blogs As You Like !

Demo Of Blogger Random Post Widget

All you have to do to see the widget in action is look to the right of this page, or any of our pages for that matter. Want to test its randomness? .. then refresh this page and you will see that the posts within the widget automatically randomizes and selects another set of pages for you to enjoy ...

How Do I Get The Widget ?

I can hear this question rattling around inside your head, or maybe that's just my head ... anyways, all you need to do is pay the paltry sum we are asking for this amazing blogger random post widget with images.
So, click on the buy now button below, pay the tally man, and we will email you the code with the details on How To ...

  • Install The Widget
  • Make Adjustments To The Number Of Random Posts To Show
  • Make Adjustments To The Length Of Description Snippet
  • Where To Place Your Images Within Your Posts


See, We Told You It Was A Paltry Sum For A Blogger Random Post Widget With Images ... Enjoy !

If you have enjoyed the look of this blogger widget, wait until you see what we have done within another Blogger powered site ... and don't worry all you Wordpress users, we are taking care of business on that platform too !