Youtube Cheat Sheet - The Safe Way To Promote Youtube Videos

Promote Youtube Videos Safely With This YouTube Cheat Sheet ...

As of today's date this Youtube Cheat Sheet <click here to download> is hot off the press .. and is a must have instrument to Promote Youtube Videos safely without fear of penalties. If you haven't heard already, Google has now issued substantial penalties to those who have over promoted their youtube videos, you can read all about it here

The author of this valueable resource is Abbas Ravji, he has truly captured the precise method that we use here at Local SEO Somerset to successfully upload and promote Youtube videos on behalf of our clients. He (Abbs) has saved us a load of time in producing the cheat sheet - thank you Abbs !

Now, you may be asking or even stating . .oh, yeah, prove it ! ... and always up to a challenge we will happily show you how powerful this method of promoting Youtube videos really is. Take a look at the screen shot below and see if this may arouse your interest a little further ...

promote youtube videos safely

This particular youtube video has had over 23,000 views and climbing and uses no more promotion other than those parameters set out within the Youtube Cheat Sheet <download here>We have loads of examples across many lucrative keyword terms, however, we have to maintain some privacy on behalf of our clients

Within the document you will learn how to ...

Optimize Your Youtube Videos For Promotion 

1. The first chapter covers the following 6 parts
a) Naming Your Video
b) Creating a Title
c) Adding a Description
d) Adding Tags 
e) Geo Tagging For Local SEO
f) Video Captions

2- YouTube Channel Authority
3- Increasing Video Views
4- Video Interactions
5- Channel Branding
6- Promoting Your YouTube Videos

This is your last chance to safely promote your youtube videos ... download here