Do Expired Domains Still Work? - Benefits and Drawbacks

You can use expired domains for creating a private blog network. In fact, private blog networks use it for link building. However, you need to find expired domains (in your niche) that possess clean link profile as well as spam free history. Expired domains names are a great way to grab some aged backlinks without having to build them yourself. These expired domains can be used for both your money site or your private blog network. Some people buy expired domains from similar businesses to help with their seo and google rankings. Since the previous domain owner likely had a legitimate business or blog, these expired domains tend to contain some very useful backlinks that you can’t usually buy for the price of a $10 domain name. Do you want a brand new domain or an expired one with previously established traffic? Learn how to make the right choice that further establishes your business online. Instead of starting with non-applicable ranking by google, which happens for new websites, acquiring expired domains can help you have high ranking immediately. But it’s important to analyse the good ones, from the ones that can hurt you. You are in for a big advantage when you get A good backlink profile and existing targeted traffic for the same price as that of a brand new domain. I teach how to find expired domain names for free, and how to pick through them to find a domain that could be used as a money site or a private blog network.

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