US Live Video Monitoring System Information

GET THE MOST OUT OF OUR Video Monitoring SYSTEM US Live Video Monitoring has its own data centre on site. We maintain a three-tiered data backup scheme. This comprises four sectors: Raid Storage - LTO Tape Drive - Secondary Data Center - AWS Cloud. Additionally, we have a dual fibre connection, which is backed up by our Sat-link system. We will not jeopardise your security or financial resources in the case of a catastrophic incident. Our competitors' data centres and monitoring centres are located in the exact location. We have redundancy by separating our primary data centre, secondary data centre, monitoring centre 1, monitoring centre 2, and corporate headquarters. That's five distinct locations, all of which are connected by a fibre optic Ethernet backbone. Video management A Complete video management platform with advanced alarm management, event, occurrence tracking, and automation of the environment. Via a single system that is dependable, intuitive, and simple to configure and operate. Capture, remote control, and record computer screens running on Windows. Ideal for call centres, headless server control, and management of third-party software.

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