Wax Blockage Of The Inner Ear ...

Wax Blockage Of The Inner Ear ... The outer section of the ear canal produces a wax medically known as cerumen. However, when the ears make too much wax, it tends to clog the ear. Usually, the blockage is caused by improper ear hygiene or cleaning techniques. People tend to push objects such as pencils or ear swabs to remove the wax in the ear canal. Instead of making removal easier, these objects tend to push the wax deeper into the ear. This causes the earwax to become clogged in the ear. Clogging of the ear canal by earwax results in temporary hearing loss. When the ear canal blockage caused by earwax is removed, the problem tends to dissipate. It is best to have the earwax removed by a doctor or Audiologist, so that the eardrum is not damaged. Not many people realize it, but taking care of your ears is also part of personal hygiene.

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