Receive Money With PayPal — The Complete Guide

Setting Up a PayPal Account so You Can Receive Money There are a few payment methods through which you can make transactions on PayPal. You can create a single-use invoice for one transaction. This allows you to receive money on PayPal regularly without the need to generate new invoices every time. These invoices can be customized as per the needs of your business. If you run a small business on eBay, then receiving money on PayPal will be useful to you. To start sending invoices and receiving money on PayPal, you first need to create a PayPal account. As a small business, you’ll need to create a Business PayPal account. Money sent and received through Personal PayPal accounts doesn’t incur transaction fees. A Business PayPal Account does incur transaction fees, and these depend on the kind of business you own, the location of your customer, the kind of currency being used, and other factors. PayPal fees can also change depending on whether you’re sending or receiving money using a credit card or a debit card.

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