Guide to the Stripe Payments App and Integration Options

Create payment requests, share them through any channel, and accept payments using PayPal and Stripe payment channels. Sign up for your Paylinks account on iOS or Android, set up your account in minutes, and then connect your PayPal and Stripe payments account with ease. Make payment requests for a specific number of recipients or open to anyone. Define the payment amount or make it changeable by the recipient. Share the Paylink through any channel: Email, Text or Social Media. Your customers will get a link to a secure payment page that opens in their mobile/web browser. Impress your customers with quick payment links with your branding and make it easy for them to pay you instantly. Guide people to pay directly through social media posts and messages. Place links in emails to make payments a part of client communications. Create a single link to receive multiple donations of different values. Add payment links to invoices to make payments seamless. Setting up your Paylinks account takes only a minute. Download the app, add basic details, connect your payment gateways—and you’re ready to go!

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