Domain Flipping For Beginners

Domain Flipping For Beginners 

Domain flipping is the art of buying a domain name for a low price and then selling it for a much higher price to a qualified buyer.

You don’t have to be a seasoned domainer to make money flipping domains.

As a beginner, you can turn $100 into $1000 just by picking the right domains to buy and then selling them in the right places.

There are many reasons why flipping a domain name can be very profitable and lucrative for you:

domain names are low maintenance, you don’t need to work on them or improve them before selling

there are so many potential buyers out there that if you have high-quality domains it’s only a matter of time until someone purchases them.

More About Domain Flipping

If you want to start by learning what domain flipping is and how lucrative it can be for making money online, check out my collection of posts 

This is what my domain flipping guide provides for you!

The reason the guide is paid is that the techniques i use are actually not that well known and if i gave it away for free, everybody would be using them – which would ruin the method and make it harder to work.

Flip Domains or Flip Websites?

Look for expired/dropped domain names on websites like expired domains.

Aside from expired and short domain names, locally specific domains Such as or .de are very handy

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