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Smart Drugs vs Nootropics

Nootropics are herbs and supplements that increase mental energy and enhance your cognitive functions, such as memory, focus and alertness. This class of substances is also known as 'smart drugs' and is becoming increasingly popular.

Nootropics may seem like a godsend to someone who has never considered the idea of ‘smart drugs. ’ they sure did to me. A lot of these smart drugs – more commonly known as nootropics – are fairly new to the market, and don’t have a significant body of research surrounding them.

What are nootropics (smart drugs)?

Nootropics are so-called "smart drugs" that can be used for many purposes - memory improvement, sharpen your focus, provide energy, even lighten symptoms of depression or autism.

What Are Nootropics? And Do They Really Work?

The best nootropics work much like your multivitamin that you take in the morning. These supplements will accumulate over time in the body, like vitamins. We’ll be discussing various types of nootropics, and how each one works individually. Since each has its own unique chemical makeup, minerals and nutrients, they will all work differently.
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How to Use Nootropics?

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Piracetam is a nootropic compound in the racetam family. In fact, it is the parent compound of the racetam family, which is a group of compounds that share a 2-pyrrolidone base structure; which includes other nootropics like aniracetam and phenylpiracetam.

Understanding the Original Nootropic: Piracetam

Product description. Phenylpiracetam is a modified version of piracetam , the original nootropic compound. With the addition of the phenyl group, phenylpiracetam is 10 times more powerful, and kicks in much faster.

What are the best Nootropics available?

So, does this company live up to the expectations set by its brand name? founded in 2013, pure nootropics seems to have delimited its focus on the supply of racetam capsules initially.
Nootropics are molecules of natural and synthetic origin. Nootropics have been studied for their potential to improve cognitive function. Cognitive function can be described by executive function, mood, memory, motivation, or creativity.

Brain Support Supplement, Cerebral

N-acetyl l-tyrosine supports brain function by supporting the synthesis of the catecholamines (neurotransmitters). Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (nad+) is a cofactor found in all living cells, supplementation of which may increase longevity, protect neurons and support healthy aging.

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